How To Buy A Mobile Home

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Mobile Home.

If you are looking to buy a new or used mobile home there are some important things to know, as they are much easier and very differnet than purchasing a stick build home.

The First thing to identify when searching for a new home is the difference between Land Owned, Leased Land & Private Property Homes.

Leased Land Mobile Home is one of the most common places you will find a mobile home. Leased land homes are located in a park setting  and a great benefit to this is there are usually community amenties that rang from pools, pool tables, tennis courts and a club house you can usaully use for private events. In this case you will pay a set space rent either by monthly or for a particular amount of years, also note on leased land you have no property taxes although depending on the year your home was built you may have a registration fee due yearly but tends to be very inexpensive. These homes are set on a standard pier system.

 Land Owned Mobile Homes This term is usually used for homes located in a similar park layout as leased land and may have similar amenities, you do not pay space rent and you own the land your home is on, you do however generally have some type of HOA fee generally fairly small fee but you will have to pay yearly property taxes. Land owned mobile homes also have a similar pier system to Leased land homes and if you are buying this type of home the bank will usually make sure that the Form 433a has been recorded by the state.

Private Property Mobile Home These homes are not located in a park setting so they do not have the amenites like a club house and pool and sometimes. These homes can be pit set meaning they dig a hole so that the home can sit low to the ground and looks very simialr to a stick built home although they are not always set that way and can also be set on the 433a pier system. Since the mobile home is set on private property you will have property taxes. 

The First Thing to Know is Mobile homes & manufactured homes is technically before 1976 they are referred to as pre HUD(Housing & Urban Development Homes) or mobile homes after 1976 they are considered manufactured homes. The difference here is that before 1976 they were registered through the DMV and had no real standards for building codes, After 1976 manufactured homes were built with guidelines that were set by HUD and therefore the buid quality and safety standards were enforced.

Basic diffferences in these homes before HUD aluminum wire may be used instead of copper which the aluminum can be less reliable, windows and fire exits improved. New manufactured homes are available with 2x4 and 2x6 contruction and are built a lot more like a standard stick built home of today. Now some of the older homes can be cute and remolded at a affordable price in the right location its just always good to consider what you are getting before you buy your new home. 

Inspections Always get a home inspection! and make sure you take a good look at everything some common areas to look at is ROOF, Railings, Deckings, Stairs, Water Heater and if at all possible under the house very important you want to see where the skirting of the house meets the ground for possible mold our wood damage, Older homes may have metal skirting so it would not apply to these but in the 90's they used a fiber board that easily absorbs water if not painted correctly.